Quality is not a coincidence...

The reason for Aytok's development and moving forward in the technological competition is the strategic importance İit has attached to the R&D. The R&D employees are getting their experience and knowledge from their area experiences. Discussing with hundreds of the users face to face and analyzing the expectations and demands of the customers in detail during the new product development stage, the R&D personnel creates perfect projects in accordance with the production facilities. The innovations intended for the more easily use and long life of the product are offered to the production by being projected in the area studies made to develop the existing products. Aytok, which is the leader of Turkey with their strong R&D, is renewing their technology more and more so as to have a voice in the world's market.

Aytok is moving along with strong strides to achieve their target of strengthening their comparative position more and being among the producers having a voice in the world's market by reserving the major portion of their profits to R&D studies.

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