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Following up all the innovations and developing all the systems and processes constantly, Aytok as the leader of the domestic filtration system sector has achieved much success. When the filtration system is mentioned in Turkey, Aytok is the first trademark that comes to mind. Aytok owes this success to its quality policy that has been applied for many years. Aytok has also made an indelible impression in the global markets by its quality conforming to the international standards and registered via ISO 9001-2015, ISO 18001, TSE, TSEK, and CE certificates.


         . To ensure the development of agricultural products by applying new technologies,

         . To create a green and clean environment by ensuring the least use of water resources,

         . To be a quality leader in the sector, to meet the requirements and expectations by providing unconditional customer satisfaction,

         . To comply with the requirements of ISO 9001-2015 quality management systems and to continuously improve this system,

         . To motivate our employees and increase their quality, work efficiency, and safety by providing a convenient environment in a participatory structure,

         . No compromise on quality under any circumstances.


         - To ensure the continuous improvement of the occupational health and safety management system we have established,

         - To adopt the understanding of occupational health and safety to all our employees and ensure the participation of our employees in relevant activities,

         - To ensure that our employees receive the necessary training on the subject by attaching importance to occupational health and safety training,

         - To ensure that our construction sites are complete in terms of occupational health and safety management system applications, and provide all kinds of support to continue this,

         - To Fulfill completely the requirements of Occupational Health and Safety and other relevant legislation.





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