Hidrociclone de plástico - P20

Aytok plastic hydrocyclones relax the filter system by pre-filtering. It is used to protect filter systems against heavy pollution. Parallel connection is made by increasing the number of hydrocyclones according to water capacity and pollution status and can be used simultaneously.

General Characteristic

Body Material : PAGFR30
Maximum Working Pressure : 6 Bar (87 PSI)
Maximum Working Temperature: 60 °C/ 140 °F

Technical Specifications


inch mm m³/h     kg
P2020 2 3/4 1023 1154 580 206 20-30 9,5
P2025 3/4 1023 1154 580 206 30-40 9,5
P2030 3 2 1225 1360 670 322 40-60 19


Working Princible

Aytok Hydrocyclones are designed in a simple structure to be used in the filtration of well water or water containing sand, gravel and particles heavier than water. It is used as the first filter element in filter systems used in agricultural irrigation. Hydrocyclones, work with maximum efficiency by creating minimum pressure loss in irrigation systems. Solid particles heavier than water fall down from the narrowing conical part of the hydrocyclone and are collected in the waste chamber (sand tank). Clean water separated from solid particles is transmitted to the system from the outlet pipe. Accumulated particles are discharged from the lower tank (sand tank) by means of the discharge valve. When connecting to the line, Inlet and Outlet directions should be taken into consideration.

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