Filtro de malha semi automático de metal - MF

Aytok Hydrofilt MF filters are a manually cleaned filter group. Cleaning must be done manually by the user. The need for washing is determined by observing the difference between the inlet and outlet pressures. If the pressure difference is increased, cleaning should be done. While washing is being done, the filtering process continues. The dirty water formed during the washing process is discharged from the discharge valve.

General Characteristics

Body Material: S195T / SS 316L / SS 304 L
Screen Material: SS 304L, PA6GFR30
Maximum Working Pressure: 10 Bar (145 PSI)
Minimum Working Pressure: 1 Bar (14.5 PSI)
Maximum Working Temperature : 60 °C (140 °F)
Back Flush Operation Criteria: Time and / or Pressure Differential
Back Flush Controlling Unit : Electronic (AC) Control
Filtration Degree: 20-2000 micron (µ)
Painting Method: Electrostratic Powder Coating
Painting Material: Epoxy Polyester

Technical Specification


Working Principle

The water enters to from inlet and passes through the area where the fine screen is located. The clean water is filtered and sent to the outlet pipe. The water then flows to the outlet, the water forms the pollution layer on the inner surface of the screen, and this pollution causes a pressure difference at the inlet and outlet of the filter. This pressure difference must be observed manually from inlet and outlet manometers. In this case, the filter need flushing operation.

By opening the drainage valve, a vacuum effect is created on the collector pipe, which opens to the atmosphere, and suction is provided from the nozzles. After the drainage valve is opened, by manually turning the hand crank connected to the collector, the fine screen surface is completely scanned and the inlet and outlet pressures are equalized. After the equalized inlet and outlet pressures, the drain valve is closed and the flushing operation is completed.

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